"The Guard gem" by Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil and Rémy Coutable

The now famous Guard gem is a command line tool to easily handle events on file system modifications. Guard is also at the center of a whole ecosystem of extensions for different environments including RSpec, Spork, Cucumber, Jasmine, Test::Unit, and many more. Two of its creators and maintainers, Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil and Rémy Coutable will talk about the gem and its extensions, but also about the github organization.

The presentation will be in french with slides in english, but don't hesitate to join us if you're speaking english only.

Thibaud (@thibaudgg, http://thibaud.me/) and Rémy (@rymai, http://rymai.me/) are both currently employed at Jilion (http://jilion.com/).

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