The format of this conference may be a little different than you are used to. As in Norway (last June), the sessions and content will only start after the slopes are closed when everyone is back to the cozy chalet conference room.

There will be three one-hour sessions per night on each of the 3 days, with dinner break after the first session. The twist in this conference is that you’ll have the daytime for networking and fun, in the slopes.

Even if you’re not a Ski or Snowboard fan, you can have fun Sledding, or you can try Airboard, or you can relax, chat and have some beers (or hot chocolate) in one of the many terraces all over the region, either in the more touristic areas or the really “Heidi” scenery ones (Gimmelwald would be a good suggestion). With the Ski pass (options for non-skiers), you can hop into any cable-car, gondola, or use the railway and bus network to explore the Jungfau region.

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