Internet Of Things

Crowd funding has proven to be an important method to validate novel product ideas by a new breed of small, open source hardware startups, many of them related to the Internet of Things.

Johannes Gees, a visual and conceptual artist and entrepreneur based in Zürich, is one of the founders of the Swiss crowd funding platform He will present his platform and explain how makers in Switzerland can take advantage of it to fund their projects.

Dr. Michael Kroll, an engineer and Maker specialized in Bluetooth Low Energy and open source hardware, designed the tōd beacon and the BLE Arduino shield and successfully launched both on Kickstarter. He will share his recent experiences with crowd funding open source hardware.

If you have had experience with crowd-funding your IoT Project that you would like to share with the group members, please let us know.

Join us for the meeting in the ETHZHG F33.5 and stay for the networking afterwards.

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