pyzurich : funcparserlib or how to write your own programming language

funcparserlib is a small, but extraordinary python library to write parsers for anything. It's inspiration from Haskell results in very compact and quickly written code. You will get answers about the following questions: - What is a parser? - Parser libraries for python? - How to use funcparserlib? - What is an interpreter? - How to write a parser and an interpreter for your own programming language? - What's the visitor pattern useful for?

If you don't even understand some of this questions, this doesn't matter, I will start with Adam and Eva:). I will combine the theory with simple practical examples and there will be some tasks to solve for you in every example. To be able to work on the examples:

PLEASE: Bring your own laptops!

You will get the code and further information in the next days. I hope that you will learn something new and that we will have fun coding together!

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