How you can influence the future of Java?

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The JCP and the Community - How you can influence the future of Java

The JCP plays a critical role in the evolution of Java. This talk will explain how the JCP is organized and how JSRs (Java standards) are developed. We will discuss the current state of the Java platforms, and explain how the JCP is helping to develop them. The session will also cover the relationship between the JCP and open-source development processes, and the value of transparency and participation. Finally, we will explore some upcoming changes to the process, and explain how you can get involved.

Bring your questions, your suggestions, and your concerns. We want to hear from you, and to encourage and enable your active participation in the advancement of the Java platform.

SPEAKER: Patrick Curran

AdoptAJSR & AdoptOpenJDK - Improving Community Participation in the development of the platform

Over the last 12-18 months, the LJC has piloted a programme to get more ordinary Java developers working with forthcoming JSRs & pre-release versions of Java. In this talk, Ben will explain our progress so far, the road ahead & explain how you can get involved. The LJC is particularly interested in forming partnerships with other JUGs to extend the programme to developers who are not confident English speakers.

SPEAKER: Ben Evans

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