Learnings from LA and Transmedia San Francisco

What is Transmedia and how can we tell interesting, interactive and engaging stories?

The first meetup will be focused on Transmedia basics, and sharing some learnings from Los Angeles and the Transmedia Startup Weekend in San Francisco. I'd like to give some info on what I learned on the West Coast and how transmedia projects in Zurich could be built up.

It would also be interesting to hear from people how transmedia projects are being setup in Zurich and we could just discuss how things will likely develop over the next year.

I love meetups, but sometimes they get a bit too serious with official presentations, so for the first Transmedia ZH meetup, we’ve put together some topics, but fully expect the conversations to go off in different directions (conversation fragmentation is encouraged).

Mark Melnykowycz (http://idezo.ch/ http://www.lostinreality.net/ http://blog.americanpeyote.com/) will share his impressions from exploring the West Coast Transmedia scene earlier this year, focusing on story first - tech second. Finding the appropriate technology to fit the story to build the best experience.

  • Transmedia SF & startup weekend in San Fran
  • Story hack
  • Transmedia LA meetup group
  • Story2023

Elizabeth Henry (http://henrygeneral.com/, http://www.nuancewords.org) will briefly cover the questions: What is transmedia? What does it have to do with narrative and storytelling? And will give some examples of forward-thinking transmedia projects, from marketing to literature.

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