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Your application is going live tomorrow and the new marketing campaign is about to start. You're now enjoying a margarita, life is good. But what if your application gets viral and gets more hits than Gangnam Style?

Traffic grows, data grows, applications have to withstand increasing loads, so stress tests are more and more of a critical issue. Stress tests are the only way to achieve any sort of scalability.

Gatling is a new generation stress tool developed in Scala. Its fully async engine based on Akka actors and Netty NIO makes it very efficient. The rich yet simple DSL makes it very user-friendly. The relevant and portable reports generated by Gatling are definitively one big strengh of the tool, even your manager will love it.

This talk will cover the main principles of Gatling's architecture and demonstrate how quick and easy building efficient stress tests with Gatling is.

More information about Gatling can be found here:

LEVEL OF TALK: Intermediate LANGUAGE: Talk: en / Slides: en

SPEAKER: Nicolas Rémond, SecuTix SA

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