DB2 10 for LUW Performance Tuning and Monitoring Clinic

The course also details all the new DB2 10 enhancements in system configurations, query optimizer, DB2 engine and monitoring tools. These DB2 10 enhancements and techniques will prove to dramatically reduced daily CPU consumption and save you costs.

The course covers:

  • How to gather critical system resource information.
  • Best Practices for Database Design.
  • How to start with a strong foundation via good configurations for optimal performance.
  • How to configure and use new Monitoring Table Functions and Event Monitors.
  • What performance metrics to monitor and collection methods.
  • How to use Optim Performance Manager to monitor and troubleshoot performance problems.
  • How to diagnose DB2 activities that may be causing system bottlenecks.
  • How to find and identify locking issues.
  • How to improve concurrency with new isolation level Currently Committed.
  • How to capture and tune SQL queries.
  • Best practices for performance enhancing utilities; runstats & reorg.
  • How to mitigate the impact of utilities, like backup, reorg, and runstats on your database system.

At the end of the bootcamp, attendees may take the N18 IBM Information Management DB2 Technical Mastery Test at no-charge. Those who have successfully passed the N18 test are encouraged to take the 610 DB2 10 Family Fundamentals Certification Exam during the workshop at no-charge.

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