An Introduction to Content Strategy - Frontend Conference workshop

Full-day workshop with Memi Beltrame

This workshop is all about exploration and will help you get started if you are new to content strategy: What is content strategy about and what are its core activities. We will have an in depth look at all the fields of the discipline and the various reference points like prominent strategists, books and resources.

For our first big activity we will talk about content models. What are they and how do they help to clarify the requirements of what users have to be able to do in respect to content. How do content models support the design and implementation process?

Participants will learn how to create content models and how to use them for user research. We will also deep dive into one of the core activities of content strategists: content Audits. The first part will be about what content audits are, how customers can benefit from them and established best practices.

Price: CHF 350
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