Webtuesday: NoFlo - Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript

Most software begins as a set of boxes and arrows on a whiteboard. But somewhere during the process the original design gets lost, and the application descends into a rabbit hole of asynchronous function calls and event listeners.

NoFlo aims to solve this by providing a visual, flow-based layer that allows you to build software by simply wiring different JavaScript components together. By supporting both Node.js and the browser, NoFlo allows designing and understanding software that spans the full stack of modern web development.

Flow-based programming is nothing new, having been invented at IBM in the early 1970s. What NoFlo does is bring this concept to the modern era of multiple user interfaces, multiple protocols, and pervasive network communications. These are tools that companies like Facebook use for user interface prototyping, and AI researchers use to manage their massive datasets. Why should JavaScript developers miss out?

This talk shows how NoFlo works, and how it can be used for both front-end interactions and server-side data processing. It also show the new visual tools can bring productive JavaScript developmentto the touch-based world outside the confines of your trusty text editor.

28 people are attending this meetup

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