Webmardi: Meteor JavaScript Framework

Meteor is to node.js what Django is to Python, what Symfony/Cake is to PHP, what Rails is to Ruby. But why again yet another framework? Again all the maturing process to a stable production environment? And once more a steep learning curve to manage another technology which will be obsolete in only years?

I cannot vouch for Meteor being the new hot web framework for the coming years. What I but can show with Meteor is a glimpse into what the web will become.

After we get some insights into the technologies Meteor is based on, we will dive directly into some hands-on tests. So, if you would like to participate bring a keyboard with a console connected to a linux-ish system. To wrap up, we'll have a look at a real life use case.

Michael Luggen


  • Technologies (Meteors foundation)
  • Intro (Hands-on install, bring your laptops!)
  • Use Case (psyKo'13 conference management)

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