Webtuesday: Docker, Locomotive CMS & Angular.js

This month we won't have one but three talks at the webtuesday! Local.ch organised recently an internal engeneering conferece. We will get to hear three of the most web-related talks condensed in 3 x 20mins.

1. Docker presented by Eduard Schäli

A brief intro and live demonstration using Docker to set up a Linux container instance, with support for Ruby on Rails hosting.

2. Locomotive CMS presented by Thomas Preusse

Thomas will then describe Locomotive CMS, it's strengths/weaknesses and explain how local.ch uses it. He will do a live demo in which he sets up Locomotive (using the Docker container that Edi set up in the previous talk for deployment). He will then quickly build a JSON API using the web interface.

3. Angular.js presented by Jonas Wagner

Jonas will then do a live demo in which he bootstraps an Angular.js app, connects to the CMS JSON API that was created by Thomas, and makes a simple working HTML5 app to browse and search the data from the CMS.


The meeting starts at 19:00 at the Mila office.

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