Webtuesday & JS Zurich: Lightning talks

Happy new year to everyone! We kick off this new year of events with a session of the much beloved lightning talks. For the occasion, the webtuesday joins forces with the JS Zurich community.

So get your talks ready! Anyone can share his somehow-javascript-related topics to the others. We have 5 slots of max 10min available. Get in touch with us (@webtuesday or @lejoe) to reserve your slot.


  1. "The ember.js pitch" by Mikkel Høgh (@mikl)
  2. "10min of js1k" by Philipp Stucki (@_phst)
  3. "JSON Schema for HTTP API-s" by Ivan Krechetov (@ikr)
  4. "East African Tech Communities insights (@AfricaHackTrip aftermath)" by Gregor (@gr2m)
  5. "A potentially sane way to use d3.js in a responsive web-app" by Reto


The meeting starts at 19:00 at Colab.

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