Startup Weekend: Learning by doing

Over 1000 events around the world, 8 times more startups created in 7 years, that’s just huge!

First things first, StartUp Weekend’s are 54 hours events where people like you and I come together to share ideas, design more or less marketable products, build team and launch startups. In Switzerland, we see more and more of these weekends, which is pretty cool for the scene & definitely accelerated the number of cool projects out there.

Our guest for this talk will be Alexis Moeckli, the guy who brought the concept in Switzerland. He will share his experience and talk about the projects that impress the crowd now a days!

For the first time, you wont have to pay your drinks, thanks to IT Valley! “Café de l’Ancienne Gare” will make sure there is enough for everyone & we will be very happy to meet you!

Language of the talk: French Date & Hour: Monday 20.01.2014 at 19:00 please make sure to arrive on location 10 minutes before ;-)

Price: CHF 25

1 person is attending this meetup

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