Swiss Tech Talk - Du corporate à la startup: Victoires et déboires

Jumping from the corporate world to the one of startups is a serious turning point in someone’s career. Though it attracts many people, this change can also be scary.

Pierre Journel used to work for over 20 years in big companies such as L’Oréal in Canada or Heineken in France. There, he pursued an unusual career that led him to take technical responsibilities as well as business-oriented roles. He developed expertise in the field of Internet and social networks.

Partly inspired by the books of Gary Vaynerchuk as “Crush It” or “The Thank You Economy”, he decided in April 2012 to leave his comfortable position to take the startup adventure. Starting “La Chaîne Guitare” a few months later, he wishes to become the “best web-TV” for the 50 million guitarists around the world.

During his Talk, Pierre will share his passionate adventure, his victories and also the setbacks that occurred during his radical change.

Price: CHF 25

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