Scala and the Reactive (r)-evolution

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Java, the JVM and the interoperability of Scala.

I'll start with an quick introduction to the Typesafe Reactive Platform, and how Java and Scala programmers can use this foundation to build apps that meet the ever-increasing demands for low-latency, robust, scalable software. We believe that the JVM is the best place to tackle these challenge, which should be great news for the JUG's of the world!

I will then give a tour of Scala: a JVM language supported by Typesafe, and the language we use to implement Akka and Play. I'd like to share my top-ten list of features that makes Scala a joy to program in.

Afterwards, we can discuss how Scala interoperates with Java (to support a gradual transition), compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two languages, and, of course, make some wild predictions about the future!

SPEAKER Jason Zaugg, Typesafe

LEVEL OF TALK Intermediate
LANGUAGE Talk: en / Slides: en

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