ES6 Generators + Iteration and its implementation in V8 from Andy Wingo

RSVP, here:

Andy is a compiler hacker at Igalia ( and a recognized conference speaker ( You normally have to pay a JSConf ticket to follow one of his talk ;). He is a contributor to JavaScriptCore, V8, and SpiderMonkey. He recently implemented ES6 generators in V8 and SpiderMonkey.

Andy will talk about forthcoming iterator and generator in JS:

  1. Generator and interator seen from a JS developer perspective. What it is, why should I care?

  2. Generator and iteragtor seen by a JS engine developer perspective. What does it imply in term for C++, performance consideration, how different is it from what exists already...

  3. What does it means to implement new features in V8 (question driven)

Bring your questions and he will try to answer them.

This is a unique opportunity to meet one of the many (or the few) who shape the future of our beloved language!

This meetup will take place in a Pluton room (EPFL, PSE-D)

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