41th Swiss Flash User Group Meeting

19.00: Opening & Annnouncements (Marcel Vogt & Sandro Ducceschi)

19.15: Chinese Soul (Andreas Weber)

Andreas gives us some insight into one of his latest Projects (Chinese Soul) und guides us through the Prozess, the Techniques and Code which made Chinese Soul the beautiful Endproduct that it is.

19.45: Break

20.00: "Flash und Silverstripe, die Flexiblen" & "Signals rethought" (Mich Heimann)

  • Like most CMS Systems, Silverstripe (silverstripe.org) is meant for creating websites, but it's tremendous flexibility offers us Flash developers one important advantage over all the others. You can model datastructures to your own desires and output them. The automated output of the backend makes silverstripe an ideal candidate to work with flash.

  • Robert Penners AS3 Signals are fairly well known by now, but can't this process of event dispatching be simplified even more? A new approach!

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