Swiss Tech Talk - Quel investisseur pour ma Startup?

Do you feel confident enough with your startup idea to start rolling out your plan? If yes, you probably need resources to make things happen! If not done already, you will need to set your super-hero team.

Then naturally, money will be a must to go on. At that point, you better know how to access to the people who have the power to help. Having an idea about who they are, what they do and how to convince them to help may be decisive! Of course, each investor has a different personality but it’s common to differ them in few categories: Business Angel, VC, Institutional or Industrial investor, Bank, Familly office.

To make the investors landscape easy to understand, our talker Alexandre Peyrnaud will present & compare their typologies. He’ll give you the keys that let you, at the time you feel ready, find the right backers for your project. If this sounds like something important to you, meet us!.

Language of the talk: French

Price: CHF 25

2 people are attending this meetup

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