Medialab Session [Stage] Lausanne

(Event will be held partly in French, partly in English)

Hashtag: #MLSLoz

Journalists & content producers meet technologists.

After Hacks/Hackers Zurich chapter launch end of last year, what should we do for the French-speaking side of Switzerland?

- one or two short masterclasses or fireside chats about local projects shaking and moving the News industry.
- Open stage for anybody wanting to pitch his idea under 2 minutes.
- Drinks (hopefully. We're stil looking for a kind sponsor).

Business Models, new storytelling ways, experiments, practical stuff. Talking is good, doing is better.

- Sylke Gruhnwald, Head of @NZZdata (via Google Hangout), co-founder of @HacksHackersZRH
- Céline Debray, Founder of @serendipite_CH

Who are we?

We are a community of european media entrepreneurs called "Medialab Session". We help several local groups to get inspiring stuff done in France (Nantes, Paris, Montpellier), Belgium (Brussels), UK (London, Preston) and now Switzerland with this upcoming Lausanne group.
Yann @shalf Heurtaux is our local facilitator. Mehdi Atmani @mehdi_atmani and Eric Butticaz @EricButticaz are co-organizers here.

 Why are we here?

We are helping the news industry to be better at listening to and interacting with the other professional communities they have to work more with (i.e. tech/web).

 What do we do?

We are working since 2012 to facilitate encounters, meetings and collaborations between several ecosystems : content producers including journalists, technology-oriented labs/schools & start-upers in Europe (e.g. coders, designers, hustlers, business developers, investors).

If you do not have a Twitter account (yet), and want to come still: please send an email to

25 people are attending this meetup

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