Auth in AngularJS

In this Meetup we are going to discuss how to do Authentication (securely identify users) and Authorization (who is allowed to do what) in AngularJS. Two lecturers are going to explain some techniques, different approaches, etc.

Before finishing, we want to share an existing application done with AngularJS: architecture, real problems, lessons learned, pro & cons.

18:30 - Doors open and Networking

19:00 - Authorization & Authentication done with AngularJS

  - Henrik Vendelbo 20 min talk 
  - Q&A

  - Jonas Wagner 20 min talk 
  - Q&A

20:15 - Getting real

  - Thomas Preusse - how uses AngularJS in a multi-page Rails app 
  - Q&A

21:00 - Meetup ends

5 people are attending this meetup

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