Travailler à distance: Recruter et gérer une équipe distribuée

Being a tech entrepreneur, you want your business to grow regardless of your team’s location. Thus, you better ask yourself how to uphold a productive working relationship with your co-workers from afar. Considering the difficulty of recruiting the best guys on site and the time lost unnecessarily due to traffic, working remotely has obvious virtues. However, the management of different time zones and work habits is risky and may lead to disastrous consequences after a while.

During this very practical talk, we will share our experiences on the potential and the limits of remote working. The idea is also to discuss the recruitment and profiles of employees emerging in this environment followed by an overview of the associated administrative constraints.

On this occasion, we will welcome Benoit Curdy who experienced remote working at Google and Critsend, managing fully distributed teams that were spread across different parts of the world. He will share the best practices he acquired throughout his career and present different tools that transform distance in a beneficial ingredient for the development of a company.

Price: CHF 25

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