SRG SSR Hackdays

on September 12th and 13th 2014 the Hackdays for creative IT developers and designers organized by the SRG SSR will take place at the Fernsehstudio in Zurich. The idea is to meet during two days to tinker, fiddle around, discuss and exchange programming ideas and skills related to radio and TV programs. Exciting interfaces with access to audio and video content as well as triggers to currently running programs will be made available.

By registering as Early Bird you’ll be the first to receive an overview of the different interfaces in June 2014.

Start: Friday at 09.00

End: Saturday at 16:00 with the award ceremony. Catering will be provided.

Deadline for registration is May 15 2014 and the number of places is limited

We’re looking forward to your registration

8 people are attending this meetup

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