Atlassian Road Trip

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Atlassian Road Trip

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We're constantly iterating on how we build products, collaborate with each other, and interact with our customers. Our goal? To deliver products that help teams build better software, faster.

What are your team's goals? Discover how your team can start kicking more ass than ever. Hear from Atlassian product teams, executives, and fellow users.

It all kicks off on April 8 with our Texan-sized launch of Atlassian's new home in Austin! Space is limited so RSVP today.

Walk away with these Atlassian best practices

  • Closing customer feedback loops
  • Implementing agile development workflows
  • Building a collaborative virtual team environment
  • Getting started with Git using Stash and SourceTree

Take hands-on training, too

In select cities, we're offering three-hour courses on integrating JIRA and Confluence.

Additional training fee includes a loaner computer, course materials, and admission to the RoadTrip event! Training takes place at a separate facility.

Price: CHF 15

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