Reactive Functional Programming with Vert.x

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Vert.x is an open source platform for developing asynchronous, event-driven, reactive applications for the JVM. In this talk you'll learn how to develop scalable, resilient and reactive applications using Vert.x which are perfectly suited for real-time web applications, taking full advantage of multi-core architectures. As a seasoned Java programmer, you'll be developing Vert.x applications in minutes, but if you really want to master Vert.x you have to embrace functional programming. No need to wait for Java 8 though to do functional programming in the JVM. You can develop Vert.x applications in a functional style using Scala, a programming language that mixes object orientation and functional programming providing expressiveness and conciseness that are unmatched by Java. Both the Scala and Java approaches will be demonstrated live in this presentation.

SPEAKER Galder Zamarreño, Red Hat

LEVEL OF TALK Intermediate
LANGUAGE Talk: en / Slides: en

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