AfricaHackTrip – Brown Bag Lunch @ ImpactHubZurich

High Speed internet, mobile payments, technology hubs across the continent – that’s the new Africa.

But what is behind the hype? Where are the individuals behind the emerging tech industries? Why to we take it as granted to collaborate on both business and open source projects with creatives from all over the world, but not from Africa?

That question motivated a group of 9 developers, designers and editors to visit the tech communities of East Africa last October: the AfricaHackTrip. Driven by curiosity only, without any commercial or professional organisation behind it, we had a unique insight into opportunities and problems the local creatives are facing, why they are hard to engage with as outsiders, and why we should take notice now, before they leapfrog us.

Let Gregor take you on a trip through the East African Tech Communities, their stories, our learnings, and exciting new projects that grew out of it, like EuroHackTrip.

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