Webtuesday: CSS & HTML Okizeme

Webtuesday: CSS & HTML Okizeme

A quick look at some techniques that help us to face our daily HTML & CSS challenges in a more efficient way. What are Okizeme? Well, you'll know after the talk won't you? ;)

About Adrian Zumbrunnen (@webchaeschtli‎):

Designer & developer working at iA. Dreams about writing clean and maintainable code some day. Type & coffee enthusiast. If you want to know more, find me on Tinder

About Genc Rashiti (@rawdiggie‎):

Genc invents well balanced and smart user Interfaces at upfront.io and suupa.net. People rumor that he posses supernatural powers: According to those he …

  • writes HTML / CSS faster than a speeding bullet
  • can read user's minds thus he can predict their actions
  • is able to leap tall building in a single bound
  • can execute a Hadoken with a single finger


The meeting starts at 19h at the local.ch office.

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