Wireless Home Automation with Android & Arduino Yun

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During the past few years, programming electronics has become significantly more accessible thanks to the Arduino hard- and software platform. One recent product, the Arduino Yun, brings the ability to take advantage of wifi communication in a simple manner. By accessing the Arduino Yun as mobile wifi "Access Point" it is a brilliant way to interact with real hardware by using an Android smartphone. Reading out sensors and controlling actors such as relays opens up the world to makers, tinkerers and engineers. Program

  • Introduction to Android and Arduino
  • Setup and use the Arduino Yun as accesspoint
  • Hello World on Android & Hello World on Arduino Yun
  • Writing a simple TCP Server on the Arduino to transmit data from the laptop / workstation
  • Switch a relay using the Arduino Yun
  • Write an Android TCP Client in order to switch a relay
  • Read ADC data from the Yun and display it graphically on Android


Goal of the Workshop is to write a simple Android Yun and Arduino application to transmit data and switch a relay (the relay in turn can switch a load, such as a fan, motor or compressor) over the air using the Arduino Yun as wireless access point.

Targeted Audience

Makers, Tinkerers, Artists and Professionals.


Basic knowledge of programming, Java knowledge benefitial

max. Participiants





For the workshop participiants are working in groups of 2 people. Participants can bring their own Android device, threre will be also a few backup devices.


Manuel Di Cerbo, Nexus-Computing GmbH
Andreas Rudolf, Nexus-Computing GmbH

Manuel Di Cerbo and Andreas Rudolf have graduated at FHNW in Electrical Engineering in 2010. With their startup Nexus-Computing GmbH they have been invested in helping their clients with Embedded Android, USB Drivers, Linux application programming and Hardware access via micro controllers such as the Arduino platform. With their open source project "OsciPrime" they showed how one can take advantage of the Android System in order to accomplish tasks in industrial automation.

Price: CHF 360
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