Hands on Raspberry PI and Java


As of March 2014th, Java8 is finally out.

The JDK, along with the usual target platforms, now comes also supported for Linux on v6/v7 ARM devices such as the Raspberry Pi. Having being cheap, easy to use and capable for extending, the Raspberry Pi is currently the worldwide number one single board computer.

Multiple operating systems are available for it, various SDKs for developing software, and an increasing set of add-on devices that can make it interact with the real world.

This session will consist of a tech talk plus a hands on hardware assembling and Java coding on the Raspberry Pi. Several topics will be covered, such as: hardware information, basic JDK usage, developing UI with JavaFX 8, accessing the hardware aspects of the device and extending it.

The extensions that will be presented will cover from the simplest ones consisting of a few electronic components, to a more complex one involving external sensors and plug-in devices. Having that said, no in-depth electronic know-how will be required. The devices and the needed external components will be provided.

The goal of this session is for the attendees to get to know the embedded devices such as the Raspberry Pi a bit better and to get more insights of how to develop for them.

Having usable hardware headers and plenty of extension modules, the Raspberry Pi and its possibility to code for it in Java, will provide them a fast boot into the embedded world and ideas for their own apps and devices in the future.

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