Webmardi - Google Tag Manager

Warm welcome at Liip in Fribourg where we're gonna talk about tagging management.
Benoît and Geoffroy are going to tell you all secrets about Google Tag Manager.

Once upon a time, there was Google Tag Manager

  • Marc Eting: Hi John! Could you please correct the Adwords tracking?

  • John Script: Yeah of course, I'll do it.

  • Marc Eting: Oh! I almost forgot. Could you also add about ten Google Analytics tags for our new campaign that start tomorrow!

  • John Script: What?! That needs to be done today? Really? I can't make it before two weeks. I'm currently working on a new feature to improve the search. Isn't a bit late to ask for that now?

  • Marc Eting: Jeez! Two weeks? Sh*t .. We're gonna fail our new campaign! .. oh my gosh .. you don't understand .. that's .. that's terrible! .. You devs! You're never available!

  • Anna Litixs: STOP! Why don't we use Google Tag Manager?

  • John Script: What! More tags? We already have more than 18'000 types of tags on our application!

  • Marc Eting: And we don't have time to lose learning a new tool!

  • Anne Alitixs: Relax guys! Google Tag Manager is not news tags neither a new analytics tool. GTM is a plateform that helps you to manage all yours tags trough one interface. All of that can be manage by marketings guys.

  • Marc Eting: Wait a minute! It means I can do my Google Analytics myself!?

  • John Script: Yeah .. and stop disturbing me for that!

  • Anna Litixs: Exactly!

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