Webtuesday: Prototyping & CSS Polyfilling

Karin Christen: A modern take on interactive prototyping

The focus will be on rapid prototyping, user experience and interaction design. You’ll get introduced to Karin’s workflow and prototyping setup and learn about her on site work with clients and their UX and front-end teams.

About Karin Christen

Karin is a co-founder at required gmbh, a web company with focus on Interaction Design, Mobile Web and WordPress. As an Interaction Designer she is setting her focus on the user’s perspective. Clients hire her to either work on applications with usability issues or to integrate in teams where they start a project from scratch.

Julian Viereck: Why polyfilling css is hard

New features in JavaScript are often tested first by using a polyfill. However, this is not that simple (or even impossible) in the case of CSS, although we all know that "CSS is awesome". Why does this problem exist? In this talk you will learn how CSS interacts with the other parts of the browser and what the challenges for creating a polyfill for new CSS features are.

About Julian Viereck

Julian is a master student in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. In the past he worked on various different parts of the web at Mozilla (Firefox DevTools and PDF Viewer) and Google (as intern).

When and where

The meeting starts at 19:00 in the @colab coworking space.

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