Rust: Intro and hands-on workshop

This Rust workshop is a joint effort between Hackers at EPFL (a student association promoting hacker culture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne) and Rust Romandie.

Rust is a fairly new programming language that features high-level constructs such as algebraic data types, pattern matching, type classes, and closures, but also guarantees memory safety thanks to its type system, which tracks values lifetimes and prevents many error that one would encounter in a language such as C++, even with smart pointers.

We will start by introducing a few fundamental concepts of the Rust language and demonstrate how to start a new project.

Once everyone has the installed the tooling and knows how to get started, we'll split in groups of 2 and do some pair programming to build a simple chat program. The idea is to work in small iterations. Before each small feature is added we'll give some clues about how it can be implemented. Then the groups do some programming independently. After the iteration we discuss the solutions the different groups came up with and review what was difficult.

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