Xamarin Meetup - Zurich

First Meetup: Getting to know each other

I'm excited we already have some members in our group and shortly we'll have our first meetup. As the event is quickly approaching I was wondering about the right format. My idea was just to meet and share our experiences. However, some might wish to have a talk at the beginning of the evening.

I would be willing to hold a short talk - I just don't know what you want to hear ;-). So my idea was to create a poll about the topic of the evening.

http://doodle.com/kem2y2pg9nra33ec I have four suggestions for you:

NoTalk: Introduction round and networking only This would leave more room for introduction, networking and maybe some demos of what each of us already has done with Xamarin.

Basic: A quick flight over the Xamarin Landscape For those new to Xamarin. I'll show the main building blocks of Xamarin along with some nice tools and a "tips and tricks" section.

Medium: Xamarin Evolve 2014 recap A review of the most interesting things I've heard and saw last month at the Evolve Conf. The focus will go beyond the keynote as I'm sure you already watched that yourself.

Advanced: Strategies for shared code in mobile apps With Xamarin we have the option to share code between different platform implementations of our apps. In this talk i will present ways and concepts to increase the amount of shared code beyond just your basic business logic.

I will decide for a topic around a week before the event. So be quick and fill out the poll until the 14th November - or just next week ;-)



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