3rd CloudFoundry Meetup in Zurich with CloudBees

Hi Clouders,

It's time for our third meetup!

18:00 - 18:15 > Welcome
18:15 - 18:45 > Rebooting businesses with Continuous Delivery
18:45 - 19:00 > Presentation tbd
19:00 - 20:00 > Q&A with drinks and sandwiches/pizza by pivotal

Rebooting businesses with Continuous Delivery Continuous Delivery is a phenomenon that's radically changing the way businesses leverage IT. The days when IT was a remote and independent division that the business team was feeding with projects that, in turn, IT would spit back in 18 months cycles are soon to be gone. This model doesn't properly represent the current competitive landscape in which leading edge companies are living. As "Software is eating the world", IT must form an integral part of the business, IT is the business because IT is how we do business nowadays and, as such, it must opperate according to the business clock, continuously improving the value it is serving to customers. In this new IT landscape, IT clock starts counting in dog years at the very minimum. While you were reading this abstract, Amazon.com has already been updated 3 times.

In this presentation, Sacha will explain what Continuous Delivery is all about, how it is more than installing Jenkins and setting up Continuous Integration, how it requires a change in how companies are structured, how it challenges the status quo and forces cross-functional team to work together and what's role developers can play in that shift.

Sacha Labourey, CloudBees CEO and Founder
Sacha was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland and graduated in 1999 from EPFL. It was during Sacha’s studies in 1996 that he started his first consulting business - Cogito Informatique. In 2001, he joined Marc Fleury’s JBoss project as a core contributor and implemented JBoss’ original clustering features. In 2003, Sacha founded the European headquarters for JBoss and, as GM for Europe, led the strategy and partnerships that helped fuel the company’s growth in that region. While in this position, he led the recruitment of some of JBoss’ key talent and acquisition of key technology. In 2005, he was appointed CTO of JBoss, Inc. and as such, oversaw all of the JBoss engineering activities. In June 2006, JBoss, Inc. was acquired by Red Hat (NYSE:RHT). After the acquisition, Sacha remained JBoss CTO and played a crucial role in integrating and productizing JBoss software with Red Hat offerings. In 2007, Sacha became co-General Manager of Red Hat’s middleware division. He ultimately left Red Hat in April 2009. Following a period of research, Sacha became convinced that public cloud infrastructure would lead a fundamental IT paradigm shift and that middleware would play a key role in that shift. As a result CloudBees, Inc. was formed in April 2010.

Check it out: http://www.meetup.com/CloudFoundry-User-Group-DACH/events/214524962/

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