WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5

During the workshop attendees will learn the WebSphere Application Server architecture and experience some of the major features: Liberty Profile: They will install and configure from zero a development environment and deploy a entire configured server to a remote destination using WAS ND profiles. Network deployment: They will explore some features of the Job Manager and IBM installation Manager to install a full WAS ND asynchronously to a remote Linux Red Hat. Attendees will also enhance a basic installation by federating a standalone application server to a deployment manager. They will then create a static cluster. Operations and Control: Since WAS 8.5.x, amongst other things, administrator can now track and rollback cell changes, and also change at any moment the version of the java SDK version. Application Resiliency: They will create dynamic cluster and see how WAS will stop and start some JVM in order to optimize the treatment of the workload. Attendees will also discover the automatic health management to see how main common administrative tasks can now be handle automatically by the cell. More: During presentations attendees will deep dive in each previous subjects. Topics covers without hand-on are: Transaction management, migration, disaster recovery, security, performance, and cloud computing

Events highlights:

  • Administrative functions in WAS ND: the Job Manager, the Deployment manager, the On Demand Router.
  • Liberty Profile installation, management and agile development with Eclipse and free tools.
  • Performance, security, clusters (static and dynamic), health management, transaction manager, migration, disaster recovery, PureApplication System.


Attendees should have a basic knowledge of java and java application server. Most common Linux commands experience is a plus. Hands-on prerequisites: recent workstation(W510min) with latest vmware player, 8Gb or RAM.

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