Increase your business performance with Linux on Power

Today's Power System is no longer what it used to be. Besides its massive customer base as the #1 platform for enterprise Unix applications, it is more and more perceived as an emerging giant in the Linux and open source world, thanks to a new generation of Linux-only systems that offer an ideal mix between competitive acquisition price, unequaled performance and superior RAS capability. Find out about the jewels inside the Power platform and why we think that they can also be appealing to you. Agendas will vary by location, please see individual Agendas via the registration links below for specific details.


10:00 Uhr Begrüßung & Eröffnung

10:15 Uhr Die OpenPOWER Foundation

11:00 Uhr Zend - Optimized for POWER8

11:30 Uhr Red Hat - Enterprise Virtualization

12:00 Uhr Lunch in Expertenrunde - SUSE; Red Hat; Canonical; Zend; MariaDB, IBM

13:30 Uhr SUSE - HA und weitere Enterprise Features

14:00 Uhr MariaDB - Optimized for POWER8

14:30 Uhr Canonical - Ubuntu Cloud Technologies and Tools

15:00 Uhr Cafe in Expertenrunde - SUSE; Red Hat; Canonical; Zend; MariaDB, IBM

15:30 Uhr Anwendervortrag - Adfinis SyGroup

15:45 Uhr IBM Porting Angebote für Softwarehäuser und Partner

16:15 Uhr Zusammenfassung Q & A

15:00 – 17:00 Uhr Parallele Session: Hands-on with Linux on Power / Portierung auf Linux on Power Demo Desktop Virtualisierung mit X2Go

Attend one of these workshops to:

Understand from IBM subject matter experts:

  • how your customers and in turn their customers, can experience improved performance and deliver better and faster results with IBM Power8.

Hear directly from IBM Open Source Business Partners:

  • what are the use cases and customer scenarios which you can relate to.

Get involved in the "try your own application" session on Linux on Power:

  • Access a live environment, dedicated to test your application on Linux on Power.
  • Network with IBM Open Source Business Partners and IBM technical experts.
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