Introduction to React Native and Developing Offline apps with Couchbase Lite

Introduction to React Native

React Native is the a cool new framework that lets developers use Javascript to implement native looking Apps with astonishing results. Facebook released React Native at the end of March with mixed reviews, after some weeks of usage, Junior Bontognali would like to share his experiences and get your feedback about the framework.

Speaker Junior Bontognali:

Junior is a software engineer and organizer of the SwissMobiDevs events. Since the end of the Bachelor course, he writes software for iPhone and iPad, but has also shipped web applications in Ruby, Scala and Java. Since 2010 he is a Scala lover and is interested in Functional Programming and languages providing mixed paradigms.

Developing Offline Apps with Couchbase Lite

Couchbase Lite makes it easy for developers to build Offline a great mobile experience that compensate for slow or broken connectivity and help give the best user experience even when connectivity is challenged. In this session Martin Esman will show you how to use Couchbase Lite with Xamarin using .NET to build your own Offline first apps across all major mobile platforms.

Speaker Martin Esman:

Martin joined Couchbase as a Developer Advocate january 2015. Previously Martin has worked 6 years at Microsoft as a Developer Evangelist and before joining Couchbase he worked as an independent Windows/.NET consultant.

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We look forward to seeing you or even better if you would like give a presentation on what you are working on.

This is a meeting by App Builders Zurich and SwissMobileDevs, it is for people who are involved with mobile Apps and are interested to meet other people active in this space. If you have ideas for the next meetup then let John know.

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