Digital Strategy and UX Meetup Geneva - June meetup

It may not feel like it, but Summer is almost upon us. This means our next meetup is coming up as well, back at the Impact Hub.

Topics so far:

1, User Experience in Community Management

More and more companies and industries appreciate focusing on their users' needs -- that's why they create user-friendly services and hire community and social media managers. However, there are still many misconceptions about their roles.

From this presentation you will learn what community management actually is (and why it's not the same as social media management) and how user experience can be crucial in building engaged and motivated communities. Monika Ambrozowicz will show you how it works in the social learning network Brainly, visited every month by over 40 million users worldwide.

2, It's a phygital world.

Although merging physical and digital channels has been around for a while, it seems it has really taken off in the past few months. I will help us look into possibilities, same best practices, and how similar projects can be categorized.

There is still space for one or two more topics, so if you would like to present a project of yours, please feel free to drop me a line.

This June meetup will be the last of the season, but there will be "strategic beer sessions" in July and August, so we can still all meet. And of course we'll meet again for a proper meetup when summer breakers are all back in September.

Best regards, Peter Horvath 0041 78 670 09 79

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