Hackday on Docker, Microservices, Cloudfoundry, Watson, R, Jazz, Jenkins, Maven

14:00-14:30 Introduction to Cloudfoundry

-> Architecture Overview

-> The command line tool

-> The Eclipse-Plugin

-> How to implement and push an app to the cloud in 2 minutes

-> Introduction to NodeRED-NodeJS based Ultra Fast Zero Downtime Rapid Prototyping

-> Introduction to R and dashDB

-> Introduction to the Hadoop Service in Cloudfoundry

14:30-15:00 LAB Setup your Laptop with Eclipse plus Cloudfoundry Plugin, GIT, CloudFoundry Command Line Tool

15 min Coffee Break

15:15-15:45 Introduction to devOps

-> Jazz

-> Jenkins as a Service

-> DEMO Use Jenkins as a Service to build, test and deploy a Maven application

15:45-16:15 LAB Capture and Analyze Twitter Data in Realtime using NodeJS, JavaScript, Hadoop

16:15-16:45 LAB Build an AngularJS Application with NodeJS and IBMWatson to translate and analyse sentiment

16:45-17:15 Introduction to Microservices

-> The Idea of NetFlix

-> The Chaos Monkey

-> The concept of full Elasticity

-> How to implement a Microservice

-> DevOps on Microservice (or why the developer is responsible for 3rd Level Support)

17:15-17:45 Zero-trust vs zero-knowledge cloud file storage

-> Do you trust your Cloud Drive Provider, Thaughts on Dropbox and Amazon Glacier

-> Zero-Knowledge Cloud Drive Providers-Overview

-> Zero-Trust solution based on OpenStack SWIFT

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