Commercial Drones Meetup: Drones & Sport Moments


The Lausanne Commercial Drones Meetup is moving to Geneva for an exceptional session on drones & sport. Radio Télévision Suisse has agreed to host us and to sponsor the "apéro". No need to say that we really appreciate the effort.

As usual, we'll keep the talks short (around 45 minutes altogether) so that we can spend time interacting: learning from each other, sharing tips and tricks, creating new partnerships and just enjoying the evening.

Marc Wagner: Drones for Sports Events Broadcasting
Producing broadcast-quality videos requires a lot of of planning and investment. Marc will explain to us what it takes to shoot professional sport videos.

• RTS Speaker Someone from Radio Télévision Suisse will share their point of view and experience on using drones professionally.

• Simon Johnson: Bringing Drones to International Sports Federations Simon has been invited to discuss drones with sports federations on October 1st. He will tell us if/how they consider using drone aerial videos and what else get them excited about this technology.

• Frédéric Hemmeler: FlyMe-Parks, Soon In A Resort Near You We all heard of those drones that follow you and record your mad snowboard moves. But who wants to invest in a drone that you might only use once or twice? And what about learning to operate it? Frédéric will present us a solution to get amazing youtube videos without all the hassle.

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