Swisscom IoT Hackathon

On November 6th - 8th we invite you to join a gathering of many of Switzerland’s most talented programmers, makers, designers and entrepreneurs in the first ever Swisscom IoT Hackathon.

Within the near future, there will be a continuously increasing number of items, which will be equipped with sensors and that will interact and collect data, then communicate this data through the internet with users and systems. Swisscom provides these new, innovative technologies and infrastructure that enable connected devices to communicate with each other – indoor as well as outdoor. During the Hackathon`s 40 hours, Swisscom will provide the participating teams of programmers, makers, and designers exclusive access to its latest IoT technologies.

We invite you take advantage of this unique opportunity and join Switzerland’s first Internet of Things Hackathon and get acquainted with the technology that is set to play an essential role in the digital IoT landscape of the future.

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