Bärner JS Talks

We’re happy to announce the next Bärner JS Talks! On the 25th of November we’ll have the following line-up:

Q-Promises in Node


  • How we stabilized our Node application with Q-Promises
  • How to test code with promises
  • Potential pitfalls and lessons learned

Andi Kobler works as a Software Engineer at Recapp IT AG.

Angular Testing

Standard way of testing of Angular JS 1.X app is using “official” Karma / Jasmine solution, which uses a lot of Angular specific APIs. Let’s explore how can we implement our unit-tests independently from Angular with help of (ES6) modules and Mocha.

Tomas Herich “I am a Javascript / Java Software Engineer with passion for open minded approach to life. Functional programming fan, reddit / quora addict & cat lover !”



How React and a Flux-based architecture can make your application code easier to reason about, and help provide a great developer experience.

Wayne Maurer from Lambda-IT

After the talks there will be pizza and beer!

29 people are attending this meetup

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