Digital Strategy and UX meetup - Geneva - December Meetup

Hello Meetupers,

The year's last digital strategy meetup will be a special occasion. You are invited to not just listen, but to participate in a workshop, in cooperation with Digital Atelier. Digital Atelier is startup, with the mission of awakening the digital potential of today's children, so they can play a strong role in tomorrow's world.

Their team is developing their concept in an iterative way: going back and forth among ideas until they find the best way to bring their mission to life. It might be a cardboard game. It might be a mobile app. It might be a subject at school. Or a simple website. Or a combination of all these.

Digital Atelier has reached out to our community of digital enthusiasts to help out with their thinking. After presenting their core concept, we will hold some brainstorming sessions in smaller groups, to come up with ideas to some of their digital and cross-channel challenges.

Due to the nature of the meetup, places will be limited at 30 people. But if you see places are taken up, feel free to register to the waiting list. Digital Atelier will be sponsoring this meetup's room booking fee, so no contribution will be asked of you.

Hope to see you at this interactive event! And ask away if you have questions.

Best, Peter Horvath

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