UI Design with Sketch App and Love

"Dear Developer,

As designers, we want to give all the love we can to the users. It doesn't mean we forgot you, our fellow front-end friend! Don't be jealous.

We know, sometimes our relation was... complicated. Mostly when we used to deliver you .psd with print-inspired fancy GUI's. Or when you spoke to us in Chinese about grids and this "boots-traps" thing.

Maybe, you didn't notice it, but we are closer now. Don't be shy! Deep inside, you feel it too: we share something special.

Your beloved Designers."

Pierre and Mayra will try to show how they design UI's with love, so to keep a good relation with their developer. We'll give tips and tricks to use Sketch, but also speak about design studios, Oriented-Object UX, Style-tiles (15 min).

And then, the great Danü will show us how he plays with Sketch and Styleguides in Frontify at Swisscom (15 min).

Mayra favorite's Pizza: Napolitana Pierre's suggestion: Pulcinella Danü's tip: It's diet time, let's eat a salad

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