Digital Strategy and UX Meetup Geneva - April meetup

Hello Meetupers,

I love being passionate about our guest speakers - and with topics like car gesture control and a teaching platform, it is easy to once again be excited. I hope you will join us on the last Tuesday of the month to hear out the below. We again have a good mix of UX, interface design, and conceptual topics.

Gesturing in your car by Patrick Bonhoure

Gesture control is now a pioneering innovation that car makers are selling, but for a long time it was only research projects and concepts. Let’s have a look at how it started: what is a gesture; what people were dreaming to do; and how they tried to tackle the challenge.

Patrick is a UX researcher/designer. He was working for an automotive tier one supplier for more than 10 years where he led multiple innovation/research projects: mobile phone remote parking, driver glance interaction, driver state detection, etc. He moved out of the automotive world last year to jump into the virtual reality bandwagon.

Solving the scheduling challenge by Tiziano Prestini

Headswap is a recently-launched, Lausanne-based educational platform, designed to allow anybody to teach group educational activities independently. One of their challenges was the difficulty of choosing the correct scheduling options for a group course, to help the user make complex choices (with many implications). Tiziano is is probably our youngest presenter - he is a 21 years old multimedia designer, who has been working on Headswap for 7 months.

The air traveller platform - by Peter Horvath

Air travel is a schizophrenic market. While it is futuristic in its core offering (flying people from point A to B), it is a laggard when it comes to adopting connected digital capabilities. But internet is coming to airplanes all over the globe, meaning the fight is on for creating the air traveller platform.

Peter, apart from organising these meetups, works on digital services for Inmarsat, a satellite company that is putting internet on airplanes, ships, and in the hands of news crews.

Participation is free, but as we rent the room, a 5-10 CHF voluntary contribution is highly welcome.

As always, we will close the night with a beer at the neighboring La Petite Reine.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Peter Horvath

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