BärnerJS Talks

We’re happy to announce the next Bärner JS Talks! On the 6th of June we’ll have the following line-up:

Reusable gulp tasks

How to reuse gulp tasks over multiple projects to avoid duplicated code and have a consistent setup. This workflow is also useful in teams with different levels of knowledge as it reduces the configuration overhead.

Michael Heimann from LerNetz


ES6 Overview

The talk is about the new Javascript version call ECMAScript 6 which was finalized last June. I will provide an overview of the new features, of course with some code examples. Further we discuss if and how ES6 can be used today.

Stef Käser: Living and coding in beautiful Berne. Full stack C#/JS/Angular developer @ SwissPost. Interested in the new technologies of the web. Outdoor and travel guy.


Phaser Game Framework

Phaser is a canvas and WebGL based JavaScript game development framework. In this presentation I want to show basic game programming mechanics as provided by Phaser through a live coding demonstration.

Daniel Egger from iterativ


After the talks there will be, as usual, pizza and beer!

22 people are attending this meetup

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