Mobile App Hackathon - Zurich

24 hours. Great people. Free food. 1'000.- prize money.

And lots of fun.

Know iPhone, Android, or Web stuff? Are you a coder or designer and want to work at a fast-paced start-up? Come hack with us for 24 hours!

The deal

We want to meet you and offer you a job if you're good - feel free to compete even if you don't want a job. To do this we're sponsoring a 24-hour hackathon with free food, drink, and a big cash prize. Come with a laptop and your skills, and you will be put in a team of your choice: iPhone, Android, or Web. You'll be given a mockup of a UI and a REST-based back-end API against which to develop an app. The best team wins the cash and bragging rights. On top of that, everybody gets to meet cool new people during the hackathon and at the afterparty!

More about us

Betacular makes software for the sports-betting industry. We're ready to give peer-to-peer betting a go and have an idea that totally rocks; i.e. we want to have this thing real bad so we can play with it ourselves. The mockups on the event site should give you the flavor of what we're going to develop. We just need to find the right people to join our team. The hackathon is designed to do just that.

Free (but mandatory) registration on eventbrite.

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