Java 9 Training

Course Description

This is a 2-day workshop about using Java 9. Java 9 is due in March 2017 and its flagship feature is Project Jigsaw. It will bring modularity to Java and with it comes strong encapsulation, reliable configuration, improved security and better performance. But it also brings migration challenges, which might break your code or your tools.

But all is not lost! There is still time to prepare and the best way to do so is to get to know the details, start playing around with the early access builds and spike your own project's migration.

But Java 9 is more than just Jigsaw: Streams and Optional are improved, the Flow API is intended to become the common basis for reactive libraries, factories make creating collections more succinct, and the Process API improves interaction with native processes - all of this will make its way into the new release.

We're going to explore each of these topics and make sure you can be productive with Java 9's new features from day one.


This is a 2-day workshop delivered using Java 9. Attendees should be experienced with Java.

Technical requirements

You will need your own laptop. Setup instructions will be provided.


Nicolai Parlog is a thirty year old boy, as the narrator would put it, who has found his passion in software development. He constantly read, think and write about it, code for a living as well as for fun, and is always thinking about ways to improve skills and workflows – his as well as those of the people sharing their time with him.

He studied Computer Science in Dortmund, worked as a software developer at Fraunhofer ISI, which analyzes the origins and impacts of innovations, and Disy, the leading provider for spatial and environmental IT-solutions in Germany. After five years on the job he recently became an independent coder, writer, and teacher. Twitter:

Price: CHF 1200
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