Holycracy: a holistic perspective for regenerative and self-managed organisations

Presenzed by Yan Eperon

Talk Language: French

In a changing and unpredictable world, new organisational visions and models are emerging, offering greater flexibility, adaptability, autonomy and humanity. These tap into the principles of intrinsic motivation and natural alignement, through a meaningful purpose, team work and a distributive authority scheme.

Holycracy is at the cutting-edge of this trend. Through its holistic perspective, it recognizes that the most lucidly happy and natural expression of each individual is the very unique and perfect gift that it came to offer to the world.

What might an organisation where all are encouraged to follow their highest excitement look like?

Would it open the door to chaos ? Or, on the contrary, as this vision suggests, unveils a superior order in power and beauty, coded in the very structure of reality?

Holycracy invites you to allow this superior and natural order to emerge in the heart of the action, to guide organisations towards their greatest potential of regenerative expression. Its proposals include a generic framework of self-organisation, holistic coordination and decision-making mechanisms, as well as innovative methods to recognize and collectivement align with the highest good.

This talk is an invitation to explore the great potentials of this holistic vision, for companies and organisations wishing to increase value, meaning, freedom and satisfaction to all their stakeholders.

Price: CHF 35