MobileMonday #23 Where next for Mobile-Content and VAS revenues?

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It is not such a long time ago where Digital Companies made millions of dollars of revenues with selling ringtones and wallpapers to mobile customers. But where are those companies now? With the growing numbers of smart phone owners those companies have disappeared from the landscape and new kinds of mobile content have appeared such as music downloads or mobile apps. But how sustainable are those types of content. Will they still exist in a few years or will they also disappear like ringtones? And what will happen with the network operators. In the time of Digital Companies they earned good money with SMS/MMS but today with smart phones people are using email and the mobile internet instead. How the mobile content interests for end customers are organically growing and evolving? How is the interest in mobile-content evolving with end-consumers? What to keep as Value Added Service for end consumers? How will mobile operators contribute in the value chain? How did mobile application changed over time?

Join the discussion at our next Mobile Monday event and hear where mobile-operators should be looking to generate new revenue streams out of VAS if/when the app craze will be over?


"App as Mobile Content in VAS" by Marco Rohr, Senior Product Manager by net-m AG

„Evolution of mobile apps development from 2004 to today“ by Reto Senn, COO by Bitforge

„Embedded emotional ads as a new VAS“ by Olga Steidl, Head of Marketing, SPB Software

Speaker list not yet complete.

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